Bye Bye Summer


A rainy day on first september

The time has come

I?m on my way

Glory days I?ll sure remember

I?m headin? home

Into the fray

What is right

And what is wrong

I let the wind blow me

Where I belong

Bye bye summer

Bye bye bye

No turning back

To your blue skies

I won?t stay on - why should I

So I?m in love

But that?s by the by

Bye bye - bye bye

One look at you and sweet surrender

So easy when I?m far away

Day and night out on a bender

For here and now I?m gonna stray

Who is right

And who is wrong

I won?t put up a fight

I?m going strong

Bye bye summer?

Stop now

Come on back

Don?t follow the beaten track

Tomorrow?s gonna be a sunny day

I hate to see you go like this

Let me steal just one more kiss

Wait another heartbeat

Don?t you turn away

Into the grey

And I say

Bye bye summer...